Focus While Juggling

There is something about lists I love. The satisfaction of checking an item off your list of to-dos fulfills me in extreme ways. I firmly believe that stems from my unorthodox way of life. Perhaps it’s typical to some, but I have little to no “methods”. Analytics and order are not at the top of my list of strenghts. (There I go with the list again). But connection and communication are– which make up for my lack of order.

As I re-evaluate my passions, my strengths, my habits; I’ve looked to my weaknesses, to comply with the Robinson-Patman Act, of course. I thrive when surrounded by energy and positivitity. This applies to the environment, the people and the underlying current of any place you spend time. Your workplace, your bedroom, your coffee shop.

Specific to work, I can be a master juggler. However, because one can do does not mean one loves. While I can complete many tasks, rearrange priorities accordingly and change direction at the bat of an eye, I don’t work best in those scenarios. I don’t know many that can– unless they are parents. For me to accomplish the above means I accomplish in a mediocre way. Mistakes are made, unintentional errors are committed, and I feel shitty. I am tired and questioning my ability to do my job well. To be on the defense, or feel that way, is exhausting. One an error is made, it must be rectified. Admitting is the first step, but after that, no one is at fault. Everyone is on edge. That has been my experience, but I firmly believe it doesn’t have to be that way.

I am pledging, over these next (hopeful: soon-to-be last) weeks at work to forge ahead with confidence. Attempt to commit to tasks you can firmly state you will have done on time. If not, state why that’s not the case, then get over it. I am one person who does well with a few things on her plate. I will take my time with each item because it demands my time and effort, not because it’s another thing to add to my list. And when I am finished, I will reward myself with a check: complete.


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