“Caminar con Dios”

My favorite shaggy-maned Starbucks barista bid me adieu with this lovely farewell today. When I asked him what it meant, the English translation is “Walk with God”. Now that I think about it, I could have figured that one out. Regardless of religion or bias, it made me think- life is good, that was nice, sir. (Side note: I still maintain a male coffee enabler should be called ‘baristo‘).

How often do I find myself ready to flip someone off for driving like an freak (it’s always them)? Often. How frequently do I say hello or wish someone well with intention? Not often enough.

Today has been a day of re-invigoration and reigniting a fire for my passions. I had a great breakfast with an incredibly unique and motivated individual named Kevin M. We discussed career moves, new and exciting paths in personal and professional life and asking yourself ‘why not’ more than ‘why’. What a worthwhile thought!

As someone who likes to plan and is not always the best at following through, the idea of going after my Masters degree without a specific intention or focus seemed wasteful. Yet in a different light, Kevin encouraged me to seek out certifications for my passions (cooking, writing, planning). I don’t have to brush aside the cooking classes I take because I like them- I can make them work in my favor too.

Like Steve Jobs said, you can only look back and connect the dots. You cannot look forward and know that everything will make sense. But I do know that everything will work out. Caminar con Dios.


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