Embracing Change, Staying Hungry

After many months of revisiting my passion and motivation, I’ve taken a leap of faith and left a job that was no longer fulfilling. The best part: I know it was the right decision.

I know in my heart that I cannot fool myself, and for that I am grateful. Too much time was spent on convincing myself that I was just having a bad day, week, month. All was true, and I couldn’t let it go on for much longer. I was having a bad time- a change was necessary.

The things you do may not seem ideal at the time, such as leaving a job without the next lined up, but as Steve Jobs famously noted, “Stay foolish, stay hungry”. In the eyes of many, I may have been foolish in my decision to take a risk and a leap of faith without a safety net, but I’ve never  been hungrier. Hungry to learn, to connect and to grow. I’ve been preparing for a change for quite some time, meeting with others who are eager to help connect and motivate. Many have followed their dreams and are working for themselves; they’ve reassured me that failure and challenges are parts of the process but it’s been worth it. Excited to jump out of bed every morning, ready to take on a new challenge and exert your energy for something you love is rewarding beyond belief. And very, very possible.

I’m searching for my next big adventure. Staying foolish, staying hungry.


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