Growing Up with Grilled Cheese

Ham and Cheese lovers paradise;Parma, Italy

Simple things in life give me great pleasure. One of those simple pleasures is a glorious indulgence knows as grilled cheese. Cheeseheads around the country are smiling, I can feel it.

Growing up in the Midwest is a wonderful place to nurture a love for dairy. One of my fondest memories as a child is having a special night in with my Dad and sister, while my Mom was out, embracing a kid-less world for a night.  I’m sure she was way overdue.

Meg and I would begin to craft our own sandwiches, testing different cheeses and flipping styles in a well-buttered pan.  Utensils were nowhere near necessary, even though I am sure I demanded the sandwich was to be cut in half, with a knife. A cold glass of milk and chips on the side were welcome companions to this delectably gooey dinner.

Lately, I’ve been reminiscing about my love for grilled cheese. I’ve let it grow up a bit, adding spinach and tomatoes, whole wheat bread and aged Havarti. Add an egg for breakfast, prosciutto for lunch. Whether you choose to be classic or over the top, a grilled cheese never disappoints.


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