Granola- Everything but the kitchen sink

Sometimes you just gotta mix it up! I feel less guilty about making my own granola, now that my friends have sold their very cool granola company (still delish). Inspired by another blogging foodie, Nekisia Davis’ granola proves to be today’s new adventure. This Brooklyn babe has been packaging and selling her Early Bird granola for quite some time, starting out as a farmers’ market fave which has now progressed into an entrepreneurial journey.

My take on granola: whatever you’ve got, add it in. It’s everything but the kitchen sink, if you so choose. The beauty of making your own is you determine what hits the right spots and what you can do without. I used this recipe as a guideline, adding my favorites (cashews, dried cranberries, sans coconut s’il vous plait) to amp up the granola excitement, making my taste buds dance with happiness. Make sure you’re checking on it along the way- nothing like too much time in the heat to ruin the delicate taste.


Oh happy day, put on some tunes and have fun with the oven!



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