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Good eats, if I do say so myself

Restaurant Review: “Harvest” in Louisville, KY

Ciao foodies! I had a wonderful dining experience at Harvest in Louisville, Kentucky and thought you should know.

As a lover of new food adventures, I did a quick Yelp search to help pare down all that Louisville has to offer (which, in terms of food, is a great deal)! I found a few cool places but Harvest seemed to fit the bill from a food and wallet perspective.

The simple, open space is inviting whether you have a table or a stool at the bar. Very rustic, very farmer. The story is inspiring, as four farmers formed lines for miles at the local farmers market. Serving the freshest of produce and the most savory pastries, the patrons encouraged them to open a restaurant. And when you can put your money where your mouth is, life is good. After posting a sign up sheet at their market stand, eager epicureans vowed to financially¬†back the restaurant. They’ve been packing a full house since April 2011.

The exciting part of dining at Harvest is the map on the wall, showcasing the location from where your brunch and dinner are sourced. Nearly 85% of everything in the kitchen comes from within 100 miles of the restaurant. As you peruse the restaurant, you will find the black and white faces on the walls are familiar, as they are the founding farmers themselves serving and busing surrounding tables.

If you’re looking for local and fresh food with southern flair, head to Harvest. Enjoy!