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These things for which I hope

It’s been quite some time! I didn’t mean to ditch you, my small but mighty crowd. I’ve been in the car a great deal, traveling on mildly long road trips for weekends spent with family and friends. I’ve been busy enjoying that time, but have been quite neglectful in this virtual space.

These recent commutes has provided me with some much needed time to reflect on some really nice things in my life. Please note: “things” is representative of quality time, fun events, great dinners rather than Ray-Ban sunglasses and Tiffany jewelry. See where I’m headed?

I have great, great people surrounding me. I have loving, genuine friends who care about what I do, what I’m interested in and why. I have family members who I don’t see nearly as often as I talk to them– for a 15 minute walk to grab lunch, in between errands and soccer games (theirs, not mine) and trips to and from hospitals to see more loved ones. Yet, I feel as close as ever. And for that I am grateful.

I truly hope you have these things too:

-Someone to call at 2 a.m. who will still want to talk to you at 7 p.m. the next day.

-Someone who questions what you say, preach or believe because they believe in you. Sometimes challenge is a great thing- it makes you think.

-Someone who knows that you couldn’t bear the idea of eating your mac and cheese with a spoon. And they don’t force you.

-Someone who shares the things that make them happy, like taking a weekend to write and reflect on your goals and dreams, because they think you would like it too.

-Someone, many someones, who express how important you are to them. And I sincerely hope they are important to you.

Surround yourself with great people. People who remind you that bad days are temporary, good days are momentous and life is really, truly fun because you’re a part of it.