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Wedding Takeover

You know the whole experiment I mentioned? Here we go. Andiamo.

The whole wedding process can be overwhelming, and I found myself part of that camp. I’m talking process. Not just planning your wedding, at times I feel fairly clueless about the whole shabang. I’m part of the earlier crew of engaged ladies in my group, which is cool and kind of terrifying.

I was surprised, I’ll admit,  as I searched for blogs, books and wise wedded ladies online. I found really detailed info (helpful at times), or things that just didn’t suit my style (hello life on pinterest). Maybe I didn’t google long enough, but I just wanted a friendly voice full of cool ideas and mild mind-reading.

This is my answer to what I was searching for, I hope you’ll join me on my wedding adventure. I can guarantee highs and lows, and total Liz Lemon moments.

Everything’s better with friends.